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Growing up in the seventies, we got our monthly dose of carefully scripted drama with ABC’s After School Specials. Those educational TV movies were so popular that we even got them in Trinidad. Each episode was supposed to teach you something. Maybe not to do drugs. Or that interracial friendships were okay.

And according to my horoscope (Aquarius), this year was supposed to be one of the happiest of my life. It hasn’t really turned out that way as my marriage ended in February, I sold  my house in May and moved out at the end of July.

So I quit my job at the beginning of October and I’m taking some time to understand what this year is trying to teach me. 

This blog is a place for me to document my travel experiences, share my adventures and reflect on the lessons learned on the way.


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  1. Michelle your one in a million.

    Your traveling eyes are to me the dream i am not as fortunate to have, i do so enjoy your every adventure.

    Its so wonderful to see your smiles bless the beautiful photos that you lovingly share.

    I am only sure that you have grown in wisdom and appreciation for all that this loving earth has to offer, and we so rude to take for granted.

    I look forward to your next destination.

    Your old pal

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